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What To Say To Your Life Partner

When You Are No More

  1. Not emotional |

    Don't become too much emotional while writing the Letter.

  2. Share your diaries |

    Share your diary pages and let him or her know more about your thoughts and remind your partner about the happy moments you shared.

  3. Say what you say everytime |

    If there is something you have a habbit to say everytime something bad happens, then mention it in the letter.

  4. Make her smile |

    Remember how you convince your partner when he or she is angry. Convince her not to worry or think too much and no matter how bring a smile on her face.

  5. Tell a joke |

    Tell a stupid joke in the letter. Reading a joke will make her feel more about your and will bring the smile again.

  6. Act as bff |

    As you write your letter try to think your partner as your best friend forever. Make him or her remember the creziest moments you guys spent.

  7. Say those 3 words |

    Do not forget to say I LOVE YOU.

  8. Most importantly |

    Remember the happiness in a goodbye. We wish your love bond to prove the meaning of FOREVER.