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Terms And Conditions

  1. Acceptance |

    Your complete registration and involvment in this website will consider your acceptance of this agreement.

  2. Data Policies |

    Your data will not be shared with any individual or companies. It is stored in our database securely.

  3. Protect Your Privacy |

    Do not share your password or username with anyone. Your privacy is important to us, so change your password more often to make it more secure.

  4. Restrictions |

    There is no restriction of age,sex or any other kind of thing in this website

  5. In Case System Fail |

    If anything bad happens to our system and if we had any suspicious activity detected in your account you will be informed within 24 hours.

  6. Your Promise |

    As we promise you to stay with you even after your your last breath, while registering you are also promising us to come online within the time you selected in "Consider me dead if I don't come online within".

  7. Avalible for |

    This website is avalible of public use. It can be used by individuals or for commercial uses(*read below) alse. But not for bad activities. The person you are sending this messages should not become disturbed by your messages.

  8. Your messages |

    Your messages should not contain any kind of bad language as the person who will read those must not become disturbed with it. And also the files you send should not contain any sexual contant.

  9. Completing Last Wish |

    If you do not come online for the time you selected,You will get a mail and if you do not come online for more than 1 day even after getting that mail your messages will be sent.

  10. For commercial uses |

    If for some reason you want to use this servise for commercial it would be best if you first mail us why you need this servise. That would be very helpful to make our services even better.

  11. Our commitment |

    In any conditions we will try our best to make you secure and make you feel secure while giving your private data. We know the value of privacy and trust towerds us.

  12. copyrights |

    The quotes in the album page are mostly made by us. It has no copyrights on it. You are free to use the quotes and images for your use. But the diaries are written by our users. Those diaries might have copyright claims on it. So it would be best to contact us if you want publish those pages anywhere. We will then connect with the writer and talk about it.

  13. More Help |

    If you need more help and want to know more about this page then please visit our help and support page.