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Help And Support

What this website does?

We help you reach your goodbye messages to your loved ones when you are no more in this world.

How this website works?

We keep a record of the times you login. You need to choose the time you are certain to come online within in this website. If you do not come online within that perticular time you will get an email from us and if you do not come online within 1 day after the email is sent, then you will be concedered as dead and the messages will be sent which you told us to send.

Is there any internal fees I have to give?

No... This service is TOTALLY FREE OF COST. You do not have to give any money,not while you are alive and not even after your death. Use our services as much as you can but not for commercial uses.

Is there any way I can help the admin of this website?

Yes... If you like our services please share this website to your friends and families as much as you can and mail on and tell us how can we make our services even better.

How to solve file uploading problem?

This website supports jpg,jpeg,png,gif,bmp and tiff images; mp4,mkv,flv,avi,wmv and mov videos; pdf,doc,xls,txt and ppt documents; zip,rar,zipx,gz,bz2 and 7z archive files. If you want to give any other formats then make it a zip file and then upload.

My file size is bigger than 20mb and I need to submit it.How can I get help?

If it is nearly 1 or 2 mb big then compress it to zip or rar and then upload but if it is bigger than that and it is very important to upload it then we suggest you to mail us your whole problem at and our team will help you with every details they can give you.

What if I was considered as dead and actully I am not dead. what to do then?

Just login with your username and password and if it was deleated then you can mail us your problem at and we will help you out in anyways.

What if I can not find the thing I was looking for in Help and Support?

Mail us your problem at We will try to help you out as soon as possible.

How to signup?

Simpaly give the common informations about yourself in the Home page and press signup. Then open your email address and click on the link sent by Now you are successfully logged in

How to change my account details?

After successfull login You will see the options just under your profile photo. Just click on the option /Update account information/ and give your details. And click on /Save/ option

How to change my account password?

After successfull login You will see the options just under your profile photo. Just click on the option /Change password/ and give your old password,new password and reenter new password.. And click on Save option

How to change my account profile photo?

After successfull login You will see the options like /Update account imformation/,/Change password/ and above them u will see A black image. Click on that.Then click on /Select file/ option and select the image you want to give. And click on Save option. You can get to that option clicking on /Change Display Image/ option.

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