GB77 | Article | Donate Organs After Death | Trusted Organ Donation Organizations of Some Countries donate organs

Why Donate Organs After Death

  1. Save someone |

    Your organs can save one or even more than one people from death. The nobel work of saving someone's life can be done by very few. Be part of that very few people.

  2. Make your family proud |

    Give the credit of your good deed to your family. Make them proud with your decision.

  3. Protect your family |

    If needed some organizations will provide your family members blood or any organ supply in emergency situations.

Trusted Organ Donation Organizations

  1. Australia |

  2. United States |

  3. India |

  4. Sri Lanka |

  5. Russia |

  6. Japan |

  7. UK |

  8. China |

    Please let us know about any trusted organ donation org in China.

  9. Africa |